Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Debunking Fad Diets: The HCG Diet

It is my responsibility as a Medical Doctor to educate the public so they can make wise decisions based on science, regarding their health.

The HCG Diet; Eat 500 Calories/Day, then you purchase HCG and lotions to rub on your hands. Let's break this down; 500 Calories/day is STARVATION DIET. Anyone who eats 500Cal/day will eventually starve to death. The reason why you lose weight is because you are in starvation mode. Harvard Medical published a study on HCG which concluded that 1- it did not suppress appetite and 2- did not cause any weight loss!! Bottom line; if you eat 500 Cal/day and replace the expensive HCG they sell you and instead eat dirt, sand or leaves, the results will be the same. Shame on Physicians who sell these gimmicks to the public. 

They are no more than "Merchants of Greed"! 

God Bless, 
-Frank Patino, M.D.

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